All snug to go

STARUS™ is a family of assistive devices intended to add the final touch for an optimal posture. STARUS™ breastplates are designed for child & adult, female & male with its ‘H’ & ‘X’ patterns. Hand-made of very soft to the touch fabric, each has its elastic strip to provide even greater security while keeping in a proper alignment the chest. STARUS™ posture belt has an innovative design with a dual purpose. Depending on how the belt is attached to the wheelchair frame and on how it is positioned onto the user, it can optimize the posture of the lower back or the posture of the pelvis. Ingenious, it provides an improved and safer posture while being comfortable too.

» Adjustable
» Ergonomic
» Secure
» Comfortable
» Autonomy
» Design
» Simplicity
» Efficient