Designed for a kyphosis back profile, CURVUS™ is a 2-part tension adjustable and soft backrest system with a tension adaptable canvas straps stretchable structure covered by a removable upholstered backrest cushion.

The positioning of the straps is manually adjustable to allow a perfect fit and support to all types of gibbosity.

The waterproof and comfortable upholstered backrest cushion is velcroed onto the main structure and therefore removable.

When therapeutically required, all our other components can be added onto the CURVUS™ technology making CURVUS™ an evolutive system.

» Each dimension accommodates 2 widths of wheelchair
» Multiple configurations for optimal posture
» Easily manually adjustable to the back profile of the user
» Optimises the distribution of the back’s pressure zones
» Can be used on all types of wheelchair
» Wheelchair can be folded without additional manipulation
» Fully compatible with AXILUS , SUMMUS ™,  STARUS , FORMUS , STOPUS

Exceptional Care For Kyphosis



Adaptable onto all types of tubular frame wheelchairs. 

Available in child and adult sizes.

The user's weight can be from 23 to 300 lbs (10 to 135 kg).

Multiple heights:

    - Short: 12 to 15'' (30 to 38cm)

    - Medium: 15 to 18'' (38 to 46cm)

    - Long: 18 to 21'' (46 to 53cm)

    - X-Long: 21 to 24'' (53-61cm)

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