Occupational Therapists: 7 Reasons to Choose Positech Innovation

09/11/2023 15:40:57
Roxane Beauchesne
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At Positech Innovation, we’re well aware of the challenges that occupational therapists face in promoting the independence and well-being of their patients.

That’s why, for more than 25 years, we’ve maintained close relationships with Quebec’s leading rehabilitation centres, CHSLDs, CLSCs and hospital rehabilitation centres.

As a small, family-owned business, we strive to provide technical posture aids through innovative, durable products adapted to meet all requirements.

Here are seven reasons to choose Positech products.

1 - 100% made-in-Quebec manufacturing and design: we’re proud to be the only Quebec company to offer technical posture aids that are entirely made and designed in Quebec.

2 - Complete range of innovations: we have designed and manufactured a complete range of innovative and varied products offering healthcare professionals new solutions to improve their patients’ independence, comfort and mobility.

3 - High-level expertise: for over 25 years, we’ve been offering our expertise and knowledge to help occupational therapists find the best solutions for their patients.

4 - Proactivity and tailored solutions: we offer a diverse range of products that will help you identify the right solutions for your patients’ specific needs.

5 - Meeting your expectations: we are committed to respecting your needs and designing to your specifications thanks to our flexibility, and we guarantee our delivery times to provide you with a reliable, quality customer experience.

6 - Sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions: Our products stand out for their manufacturing quality and top-quality materials that can be customized and adapted to suit your needs.

7 - Comfort, sturdiness and attention to detail: made entirely by hand in Quebec from high-quality materials, all our products offer superior finishes, characterized by attention to detail in their ergonomics and aesthetics.

When you choose Positech Innovation, you offer your clients reliable solutions that will improve the lives of your patients.