Positech Innovation Inc. is proud to ensure your comfort and safety!

07/02/2024 18:57:24
Roxane Beauchesne
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You may not know it, but the majority of our products have been impact-tested and certified.

A few years ago, we had the chance to test the strenght and safety of our products in a crash test at the  University of Michigan

Impact testing on posture products such as those from Positech Innovation aims to ensure that the product is safe and functional for the user, particularly in situations where it could be subjected to shocks or heavy loads.  

During impact tests on our products, we simulate a collision to determine the strength and safety of our products, such as our backrests, cushions, headrests, etc. 

Here are the main aspects assessed during the tests :  

  • Structural strength : to assess the ability of a backrest or other product to withstand a load without deforming or breaking. 

  • Crash safety : stimulating collisions to assess how the backrest absorbs and distributes impact energy.  

  • Durability and longevity : assess the product's durability over an extended period of use.  

  • Compliance with safety standards : ensure that the products provides adequate protection for the user.

These tests are important to ensure that Positech Innovation Inc posture aids meet safety standards and offer maximum protection to our users in a variety of situations. 

We are proud to guarantee that Positech Innovation has passed these tests with flying colors!