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01/31/2023 19:27:48
Roxane Beauchesne
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The unexpected

When he started out as a rehabilitation technician, André Beauchesne had no idea that his desire to help others would one day make him the head of a Canadian company devoted to the well-being of people living with physical disabilities.

Having witnessed first-hand the discomfort experienced by people with reduced mobility at various rehabilitation centres, André became determined to offer a first-class solution to improve their quality of life.

Fuelled by his determination, since 1998 his company Positech Innovation has produced about twenty specialized products, entirely designed and made in Canada. These products target the needs of people with disabilities or loss of autonomy who require a wheelchair.


Specialized products made in Canada

André wanted to offer a high standard of products and with the guarantee of being able to control the quality process, he instantly knew that his company would design products on Canadian soil collaborating with a team of local profesionnals.

Positech Innovation now designs a range of seat cushionsheadrestsbackrests andi accessories for the lower and upper limbs, providing comfort and autonomy to people with disabilities. It all takes places at the company site in Terrebonne, in the Lanaudière region.


A team on a mission

Starting with nothing more than his own desire to make a diffference for people with reduced mobility, André quickly surrounded himself with a top-quality team. They all share the same passion for creating Canadian products that can truly meet the needs of this clientele of all ages.

As the years went by, partnerships were formed with a variety of suppliers and distributors. The team grew from one to a dozen people working meticulously to create precise products offering the greatest possible comfort.

Having gone from healthcare worker to head of his own company, André Beauchesne is especially proud of having achieved his goal and making Positech Innovation a leader throughout Canada in the field of postural support devices.

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