Positech : Leading Manufacturer of Wheelchair Cushions


12/20/2022 18:02:16
Roxane Beauchesne
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Whether they are designed for less active people, more fragile people or people with high or regular muscular atrophy, the wheelchair cushions designed by Positech Innovation meet the specific needs of people with reduced mobility.

Stopus wheelchair cushion

The Stopus cushions offers enhanced comfort and safety. Perfect for the road, the Stopus cushion is designed for a wide range of customers of all ages and needs. Made from a molded base, it fits perfectly against the user's body and is excellent for limiting pelvic slippage. 

Relief Zen wheelchair cushion

Also designed for a wide range of customers, the Relief Zen cushion distributes pelvic pressure points more evenly, limits posterior slippage and provides better stability.

Relief Plus wheelchair cuhsion

The Relief Plus cushion was designed for more active customers. Greatly inspired by the Relief Zen, it bears many similarities to it, including how it deals with pressure areas, posterior slippage and stability.

Relief Aire wheelchair cuhsion 

The Relief Aire was made to limit friction against the skin and is ideal for customers with fragile skin. Its various features help prevent pressure sores.

Cirrus wheelchair cushion

The Cirrus cushion was speciafically designed for customers who have to deal with substantial muscular atrophy on a daily basis. The Cirrus guarantees comfort and support, while ensuring immersion of the ischium and the sacrum..

For close to 25 years now, the Positech Innovation family has proudly been at the forefront of its industry, offering 100% Canadian products..

With about 13 employees, the Positech Innovation team creates customizable postural products. They can be adjusted and modulated to suit user's physical condition as it changes over time.