The joy of finding customizable and ajustable products

02/21/2023 14:03:14
Roxane Beauchesne
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Our daily mission is to guarantee your well-being through the comfort of our products! 

At Positech we specialize in designing customizable and adjustable products to meet the specific needs of all body types, ages and health conditions.

Comfortable solutions 

Your body deserves to be considered as a whole, including all your personal characteristics. This is why our mobility accessories and aids are customizable and adjustable to offer you the most comfortable solution.

A range of possibilities

At Positech, every one of our products presents a range of possibilities to adjust to your real needs

Whether you choose a  backrest with a lumbar profile to match the curvature of your spine, with height and width corresponding to your physiognomy; or a foam with viscoelasticity, or with gel option, there are so many possibilities ! 

The same goes for our seat cushions. Each of our models includes a waterproof stretch fabric cover with a nylon contour with a waterproof and antibacterial stretch fabric top and a waterproof vinyl casing. 

Even though all our cushions have these same components, you can customize each product to suit your comfort, e.g., high-or low-density foam? With air insert or standardized honeycomb gel? With a tapered front or cushion with uneven depth? Perhaps you need integrated pelvic stabilizers and adductor pads?

Based on all our products, this range of possibilities has been studied in such a way that no needs are left out, big or small.

Innovative ideas created by us, for you

Since its creation the Positech team has been constantly creating new products, designed and developed in Canada, to bring you a variety of customizable options.

Every item and piece is made with top quality materials by professionals who make it their mission to create exactly what you need.